The Web Presence of Matthias Hölzl

Welcome! I’m Matthias Hölzl, scientist and software developer. I’m currently professor for programming and software technology at Munich University, so if you are looking for my research you might want to look at the my personal university web pages or the web site of my research group.

If you came to this page looking for the nitty gritty on the Poem language, extended behavior trees or soft constraint processing, there is some basic information on the first two topics available, but unfortunately I haven’t (as yet) written anything on the soft-constraint system that Martin Wirsing and I have developed. However, not all is lost: I’m currently working on a book that will include information about all these topics. It is tentatively called “Engineering Awareness-Based Autonomic Ensembles” and should appear in early 2016. An HTML version will be available from this web site.

I’m open for consulting work, espcially if it is connected to applications of my research results. For example, if you are interested in

  • practical applications of machine learning and automated reasoning techniques in areas such as robotics and avatars for games,
  • using soft constraints and other constraint-based techniques to optimize decisions based on large data sets, e.g., selection of prospective clients based on behavioral data
  • improving your software architecture and development processes or introducing agile techniques into your company

I’d be happy to work with you.